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Bike Texas considers dropping Armstrong inspired license plate


The World Anti-Doping Agency says they hope Lance Armstrong will be as forthcoming with them as he reportedly was with Oprah Winfrey.

But for many East Texans, Armstrong's confession comes too late.

Once long-time fans are now trying to remove any association with the famous cyclist, including the license plates on their cars.

Texans can get a specialty license plate that features famous cyclist and native Texan Lance Armstrong.

"The Share the Road Y'all license plate really is a safety message for everybody that sees the plate," says Robin Stallings, executive director at Bike Texas.

Bike Texas, a non-profit organization aimed at advancing bicycle access, safety, and education, created the plate back in 2005.

Putting a living person on a license plate is a decision cyclist Laura Krantz questions.

"I know Texas was really proud of one of their native sons as being a seven time Tour de France winner, but at the same time we all have loved sports legends who have fallen from grace," says Krantz, an avid East Texas cyclist.

Since Armstrong's fall, Bike Texas has monitored their sales.

"We have been watching the plate sales very closely to see if that would impact our plate because it's very important to our bicyclist and motor safety programs," Stallings says.

So far, Bike Texas says sales have not really changed.

A portion of the plate proceeds goes towards funding Bike Texas, which is why Krantz doesn't know what to do about hers.

"I really don't want to have the Lance Armstrong plate on my car because I do not support Lance Armstrong and what he's done to the sport," says Krantz.

Krantz only has the plate because she supports Bike Texas.

"The Lance Armstrong plate was the only one that was available and because I do believe in Bike Texas' mission I decided to go ahead and get the plate."

But there may soon be new options for people who no longer want a Lance Armstrong inspired license plate.

"We actually have five new designs that are ready to go," says Stallings.

Bike Texas says they will make changes to their license plates based on sales impacts.

All Share the Road specialty plates come with an annual fee, which is used by the Texas Education Agency to support the activities of Bike Texas. 

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