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Better East Texas: Lance Armstrong

Cyclist Lance Armstrong finally turned over a new leaf and confessed years of indiscretions.  He is truly a changed person.  Or is he?   Armstrong, for years, was the face of a survivor, of a victor, not only for Team America, but as an individual.  But recently he has fallen into a quagmire of legal dodges that have ultimately resulted in him being disgraced and stripped of his Tour de France championships.  So, all of a sudden, he grabs the spotlight again by confessing to Oprah about his cheating.  I don't think he has really changed, it appears his ego is driving him to take a shot at restoring the image he left years ago.   So where does he go to make his confession – Oprah – on her little viewed network.  Oprah was a friendly audience for Armstrong, emphasizing the conniving, calculated method by Armstrong to still skirt the law.  Now, with the confession, Armstrong faces potential additional legal issues because of his testimony under oath about his use of performance enhancing drugs.  So, I am sorry, Lance Armstrong has not changed, he is still only concerned with number one and he has a long road to go to be truly restored in the minds of those who looked up to him.  His actions are almost embarrassing because I think he believes that the public will forget and the legal system will forgive and it really doesn't need to happen that way.  Hopefully, justice will prevail and that will be the best example concerning Armstrong and it will make for a Better East Texas

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