Lufkin church spreads kindness through random acts of goodness

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - 300 five dollars bills were passed outat random to the congregation at Lufkin First Assembly Sunday morning.

"Invest into somebody, spread thekindness of Christ," said Jeremy Yancey, Executive Pastor, LFA.

The money was given out as a part of thechurch's "Five" series, helping members jump start 2013 by fasting, reading thebible and showing love to others.

Member Darnald Kimble hasn't used his fivedollars yet but he believes the opportunity helps many puts other's need beforetheir own.

"I don't know about you but forme I think about myself a lot but if you're asked to do something for somebodyelse with five dollars you're like oh I can bless today," said DarnaldKimble, LFA member.

One of the ways LFA challenged theirmembers to show kindness was to pick up the tab for the person behind them atthe drive thru.

"Whether its Starbucks, Taco Bellor Catfish King we want to show the tangible love of Christ in a kind practicalway," said Yancey.

Angelina College student Dakota Stanley headedright over to McDonald's after class to buy lunch for a perfect stranger.

"Going through a drive thru and payingfor someone else's meal that's not some you do every day but its good to dothat, its giving me a new perspective on how I should view things in 2013,"said Stanley

Stanley says she expects nothing inreturn for her giving, she just hopes her actions have a positive effect onothers.

"In return those people could goto a drive thru and start a chain of people being kind to other people,"said Stanley.

And create an epidemic of kindness throughoutthe community.

"Gossip is contagious, badattitudes are contagious and we want kindness to be contagious," saidYancey.

The "Five" serieswill continue at Lufkin First Assembly Sunday at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

The congregation will be challenged to bring cleaningitems to donate to the Lufkin Dream Center.

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