Nacogdoches gun owners concerned

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The rush on high-powered sporting firearms that can be loaded with high-capacity magazines is on. A possible reinstated ban has their customers concerned.

"They're scared," said Gunsmith manufacturer John Tibbetts. "Anybody that is in favor of the Constitution and the Second Amendment, they're definitely worried and concerned."

Some gun enthusiasts aren't totally against additional safeguards, but don't want them to go too far.

"There's good points that could come out of it as well, but  then again, where do you draw the line?" Tibbets said.

It's the kind of talk you hear in a strong Second Amendment state like Texas.

The Angelina County road named Rifle Road provides an idea of what East Texans think about their guns. They name their roads for the guns they shoot.

And gun owners don't like the idea of being told what they can and can't have.

"Really, I don't get a kick out of going out and dumping a 30 round magazine, but I want to be able to buy it," said gun buyer Brad Stevens. "I don't think somebody ought to tell me I can't buy it."

But gun seller Slade Galindez does not believe the proposals are stepping all over the Second Amendment.

"Which is what everyone was worried about," Galindez said. "I do think a little sanity is in order, but I think the problem is not with the guns. I think it's with the people. We're having a societal meltdown and we need to address that."

But while doing so gun enthusiasts want lawmakers to remember one thing:

"You start taking people's rights away that were given to the founders of the country is where you have to start drawing the line," Tibbets said.

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