Lufkin family struggles with Colorado theater reopening

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Kay Blunk puts the finishing touches on a cross she created. It's one of many crafts she designs, a pastime that helps her cope with the loss of her grandson.

"It has been very difficult," said Kay.

Jonathan Blunk was one of the 12 people killed in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting this past summer.

"It's just tough on everybody all the way around to lose somebody," said Tom Blunk.

The Century Aurora reopened Thursday for a night of remembrance, honoring those who lost their lives, but Kay says the grand opening is a difficult moment to accept.

"It's extremely difficult to think that there is going to be normalcy going on in a place that was so tragic," said Kay.

A theater over a thousand miles away left fear in the hearts of Kay and her husband Tom.

The couple watched "Parental Guidance" in late December; it was their first time in a movie theater since the shooting.

"Just the idea of going in the theater I had one eye on that door all the time I sat there," said Tom.

Tom says the Sandy Hook shooting brought back painful memories and believes efforts need to be made to keep innocent people safe.

"They just need to straighten up these gun laws and get on the psychiatrists to help the people," said Tom.

What helped Kay was her art; one of the first crosses she ever made was buried with Jonathan.

Now she uses her passion to help the children her grandson left behind, giving them all the proceeds from her artwork.

"Three months I couldn't touch anything but its coming back, life goes on," said Blunk

Jonathan Blunk was a Navy Veteran, and was buried with military honors.

He would have celebrated his 27th birthday on Sunday.

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