Racing4Vets looking to reach East Texas disabled veterans

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Driving a race car is something that few people ever get to experience and even fewer disabled vets get that chance.

But Racing4Vets is switching gears to help more veterans.

"We have veterans doing many types of programs not only to get involved in motor sports but to actually race," said Regional Director Steve Lewis.

From racing karats, roadsters, to even stock cars these experiences are not just a form of entertainment there a way of therapy.

"Some of the paraplegics we have worked with have regained some of their lower body strength to their lower waist," said Lewis.

It's also a way to earn a living.

"our program is set up and designed to where we get them in schools and they can have a career in motor sports," said Lewis.

They do this by utilizing a benefits program that will pay foot their educational expenses and through work with the Charles Wilson VA Clinic, Racing4Vets already has an event ready next November aimed at helping local veterans.

"We're working with the Charles Wilson VA clinic. After the parade we are putting on a charity dance and silent auction. We have four hoods that will be signed by Roche Fenway drivers," said Lewis.

The money raised from this event will all go to helping area veterans quench their thirst for speed. It is a way that the group hopes to give back to those who gave so much.

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