Angry Lufkin man allegedly walks into ACSO with weapons demanding they do their job

Source: Angelina County Jail
Source: Angelina County Jail

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - According to the Angelina County Sheriff's Office, around 10:00 Saturday night 50-year-old Kester Havard walked into ACSO with a .45 caliber pistol, a video recorder and 2 single-blade folding knives.

The police reports states that Havard walked into the lobby, brandished the gun and was yelling at the 2 on-duty dispatchers.

The dispatchers were protected by a secure door and window. At the time of the incident, all on-duty sheriff's deputies were out on patrol.

The report says the man was showing his weapon and shouting at the dispatchers that "they better get somebody up there, that he need to talk to them and demanded that something be done about a woman and that he was tired of dealing with her."

According to the police report, Havard was yelling profanities saying "y'all aren't doing your f-ing job" that he "wanted something done about the woman" and that he "brandished the gun to get something done, to get a reaction out of law enforcement."

The report did not elaborate on who the woman was that he was allegedly complaining about or what the woman had done.

Dispatch immediately put out a call alerting available law enforcement across the county that there was a man in the ACSO lobby with a gun.

Lt. Brian Holley said Lufkin PD, Huntington, Hudson and ACSO, including Lt. Bart Riley who filed the report, responded to the call.

Havard is being held in the Angelina County Jail on charges of a terroristic threat against the federal government or the against the state (which law enforcement if a part of) [Penal code: 22.07]. A med unit was called to the scene to evaluate Havard's medical state because he has diabetes but he checked out okay.

Lt. Holley said that if his blood sugar levels would not have been normal he would have been taken to the hospital for treatment instead of being arrested because blood sugar problems as a result of diabetes can cause impulsive behavior.

Lt. Holley said during the time of the threat, there were other civilians in the ACSO lobby also filing a complaint. Holley said when Havard ran in with his weapon, those people ran out and were hiding behind police cars and were still hiding when law enforcement arrived.

Nobody was injured in the incident.

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