Wedding vows in sickness and in health play a huge role in Franks' lives

RUSK, TX (KTRE) - When Noel and Brandi Franks stood at the altar 18 years ago and said "in sickness and in health" they had no idea how big a role those 5 words would play in their lives.

High school sweethearts Noel and Brandi's love for each other has no boundaries.

And their bond is about to become even stronger when Brandi donates a piece of herself to her husband, to help save his life.

Noel said, "The bond, you know, I think God meant for it to be her you know and I fought him tooth and nail because you know I don't want it to be her because something might happen but that's who it is."

Noel has been suffering from renal failure for more than 22 years and just a few months ago, he found out his wife Brandi is a donor match, for a kidney transplant.

Brandi said, "It's a no brainer, you know, he would do it for me."

"I mean how do you repay somebody? Noel says.  "I can't ever tell her thank you enough."

About 8 years ago, Noel was 2 weeks away from having a transplant when his doctor called.

Noel said, "She asked me what I'd been doing different and I told her riding my bike, praying, you know just talking to God and she said whatever you're doing, keep doing it because your function went up."

And up until a year ago, he felt fine, but now with 85% kidney function loss a transplant is necessary.

Noel said, "If I told you I wasn't scared, I wouldn't be telling the truth."

Brandi's kidney is expected to last about 20 years.

She said, "I think that it's exciting if he really feels a lot better after having it done."

"I think it as a family has brought us closer," said Noel "And you know it's definitely made me realize how much she loves me."

Noel hopes that his story can inspire others to never give up and hopefully reach people about the importance of organ donations.

Noel and Brandi both say they are so grateful for the support from the community.

Their surgery is scheduled for February 20th and is expected to cost $250,000. To help offset the expense the community is hosting a Spaghetti fundraiser for the family.

The fundraiser will be February 2, 2013 at 6PM at the Cherokee County Co-Op (Hwy 69 North of Rusk). There will be dine in or take out plates of spaghetti plus a cake auction and silent auction. All the proceeds will benefit the Franks' medical expenses.

For more information on the Franks family, how to help out/donate or just to send kind words of support and kindness connect with them below:

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