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Marching on for the 27th year


In the 27 years since the Martin Luther King Jr. March in Tyler began, many faces have come and gone, but one has remained constant.

"I've marched for 27 Years, since the very beginning," Sister Susan Seitz said.

Sister Susan Seitz of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception has marched on this date every year for the past 27 years, carrying that same sign. She says she marches to witness change.

"I just need for myself to witness what I believe and how much we've improved in race relations in our city," Sister Seitz

The march is put on every year by the Tyler Together Race Relations Forum, and marches from the downtown square, to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Front Street.

Sister Seitz says she's seen a lot of things change over the years.

"I really think we've opened ourselves much more. We're a more welcoming community, more welcoming people, much more than our narrow perceptions and backgrounds. I think we've been enriched and enriching each other,"Sister Seitz said.

Her sign, which is now worn, stuck together with staples and duck tape, still means so much to her.
"It just means so much to me, I love this portrait. My motto, the reason why were all here, is justice for all, not excluding anyone. To me it's a part of history but also a part of our future," Sister Seitz said.

Sister Seitz says, no matter what, she'll be back next year.

"We're not finished yet. We have a ways to go," Sister Seitz said.

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