Health officials: Education is key on Roe vs. Wade anniversary

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Forty years ago today, the Supreme Courtdecided the roe versus wade case, which gave women the right to have anabortion. Here in East Texas, health officials say education about abortion isessential.

"It's a very personal and privatedecision and the Supreme Court kind of stepped in," said Scott Tatum, Attorney.

In a 7-2 vote the Supreme Court ruled a womanhas a right to an abortion.

Since the court case 40 years agothere have been an estimated 55 million abortions, that averages to about 3,800a day."

"Its hard to imagine a morepersonal decision, some people are uncomfortable with abortion being legal andsome people are very uncomfortable with state and the government stepping in,"said Tatum.

Lisa Quattrini is four months pregnant andbelieves women should have a choice. But she says she recognizes the importanceof every life.

"I feel its very important toprotect life, it's a complicated issue and we have the opportunity to say Ihave the right to control my body, I think that's something that wouldn'thappen without the case," said Quattrini.

Pregnancy help center ExecutiveDirector Paula Havard says she had an abortion at 19. She says many women makethe decision without understanding the consequences.

Since the women have the choice, Havardbelieves they should make it an educated one.

In one hand we say its ok to have anabortion but in the other hand we say when you make that choice you made yourbed you lay in it. There is help, there is hope," said Havard.

In recognition of the Roe vs Wade anniversary,the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin is hosting a screening of "October Baby".

Admission is free, Friday night at the pinestheater

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