Lufkin students know the importance of graduating on time

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - According to a report, the national high school on time graduation rate is at its highest level since 1976.

The state level, 78.9 percent, is down from previous years but still above the national average of 78.2 percent.

Lufkin is even exceeding those numbers with an estimated 85 percent graduation rate.

Some of it has to do with the need to have an education in this economy, but Lufkin Superintendent Roy Knight believes it has to do with the school's atmosphere.

Superintendent Knight "just as important are individual schools efforts to help the kids remain in high school and see the long term benefit."

At Lufkin high school, it all starts and ends with the teachers.

"Our teachers work harder at offering them the tools they need to succeed," said Principal Mark Smith.

Over the last two school years the tools they have offered has put 100 percent of their graduates in college, trade school or the military.

It is ultimately the students' responsibility and they students know how important graduating on time is.

"If you want to graduate in four years, and you don't it could mess up future plans and hold you back from doing what you want to do," said senior Don'etrick Houston.

"I have an older sister and I saw how she flourished in college and how it is very necessary to go to college and be successful," said Haley Squires.

"Personally, to become a doctor it is a long process and there are a lot of years, so finishing my high school is my goal," said Raid Ready.

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