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Mesa mom gets pool fence thanks to stranger's donation


We tell you all too often that a small child slipped into the family pool, so when a Mesa family welcomed their new baby, they knew right away they'd need to fence off theirs. But they couldn't afford it. So, where could they find the help they need? Facebook, of course.

"When she started to run around and walk we realized we couldn't let her out into the backyard because she was very fast and was all over the place," said Dana Montoya.

She and her husband knew they needed to protect little Sophia from their own backyard, so she called up Arthur Dekarski, who installs pool fences. He gave Montoya a quote, but after saving their house from foreclosure, Montoya said it wasn't something they could pay right away.

"He told me about his foundation, Precious Guardians, and we started to look into whether they could help us," Montoya said.

So Dekarski went on the Facebook page for Precious Guardians. He told the World Wide Web a mother was in need of donations, and in a matter of minutes, another mom came to the rescue.

"I literally felt like I had to do something," said Tiffany Jones, who lives in Orange County with her family, but used to live here in the Valley.

This hits close to home for Jones - when her daughter was just old enough to walk, she found her outside by the pool, alone.

"It completely scared me to death, everybody in the house was like, 'I didn't even see her,'" Jones said. "No one saw her walk by."

Eager to help, Jones paid the $1,200 price tag of the pool fence.

"I was overwhelmed, I started to cry," Montoya said. "I couldn't believe there was someone out there I'd never met that was, you know, wanted to do that for us."

They even drove out here to see the final product.

"It's amazing that one mom can do this for another, and I hope that someday I'm able to pass it along to another mom," Montoya said.

To learn more about Precious Guardians, visit their website,

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