Lufkin elementary students fight obesity with circuit workouts

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin elementary physical education teacher is making sure his students take a stand against obesity. Students are building muscles thanks to their new workouts. Physical Education teacher Bruce Runnels first tested these sets of workouts on the Slack Elementary teachers.

14 different workout stations were set up Tuesday for Slack fifth grade students. They performed each exercise for 30 seconds then switched to their next circuit workout. The students implemented three different workouts that included muscular, cardio, and skeletal.

Bruce Runnels said, "Anything we do with weights and any kind of impact you do on your body is going to help your skeletal system. The cardio is going to help your heart, it's going to pump that blood, it's going to improve your cardiovascular."

"I like working out because it helps my body," Blas Vela, Slack Elementary fifth grader, said.

Wilfredo Campos, Slack Elementary fifth grader, said, "I'm building muscles; It's good for me."

Runnels feels obesity has become a setback for children in East Texas over the years.

"We have way too many kids who are sitting on the couch playing games," Runnels said. "I think if the parents get more involved with the kids, you know, lets go walking, let's go ride a bike, jump on the trampoline with them, you know wrestle with them to get them doing something to get them moving."

Runnels is trying to get parents more involved with their children's every day activities. He wants these workouts to be family wide and not just children working out during P.E. for 25 minutes.

"If I can get them to take this home with them and get their parents involved, then the obesity problems will get taken care of," Runnels said.

He encourages parents to workout with their kids at home. He even invites them to come workout with their child at school during workout time.

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