Shootout at the ranch

A lot of news in the KTRE newsroom today.

Caleb Beames was on the scene immediately after a shootout involving people in two different vehicles on Winston Ranch Road in Angelina County. He'll have the full story at 6.

A woman's dog and her neighbor stopped what could have been an ugly situation in Trinity County on Tuesday. Maegan Prejean is on her way to speak to those involved in a very scary burglary and will have a full report for you at 10.

Francesca Washington has all the details on the last two suspects remaining in a murder trial involving the death of a Lufkin man in a drug deal gone wrong.

Also at 6, Michelle Reed has the latest on the allegations against a Polk County judge accused of texting court tips to a prosecutor while she was on the stand.

Finally, Donna McCollum's report at 6 explains why an email or text will never replace face-to-face contact.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor