Man dead in officer-involved shooting in Alto

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office are investigating an Alto Police officer-involved shooting in Alto in which a man is dead.

Sheriff James Campbell could not give any details on the incident, but said Texas Rangers were on the way to investigate and that an officer had shot another man.

Hundreds of people are at the scene. Some are yelling angrily at authorities.

Campbell deferred further comment to the Ranger.

Authorities on the scene would not confirm any details.

Someone who claimed to be a relative of the person released an identity. However, no officials confirmed it.

Alto Police Chief Jeremy Jackson said the Rangers on the scene would not release information Wednesday night.

Emmanuel Milton says he was walking to his house from the Shell gas station down the street when someone called the police on him.

"We were down at the store or whatever and the guy called the police on the guy who got shot or whatever and I took off and ran up the street to let the police know that he was off his meds and that he was an access patient," Milton said. "So when I get up here the police are standing like maybe ten feet away from him."

Grendell Frances isn't from the Alto area, but he says he saw the shooting happen.

"I was walking up the street right here and as I was coming I see the police shoot this man once and he had fell," Frances said. "He started backing up and as he was backing up he started shooting him again so I called up here and told my aunt and them 'I heard gunshots' and they was like I thought I heard a taser and I was like nah this man is laying in the street. I think the police just shot him."

Frances says the officer shot the man seven or eight times.

"Well from what I hear he don't bother anyone. He just walked over to his auntie's house like he just stay over there," Frances said. "I'm guessing he was walking over to his house from the gas station and it happened right then and there."

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