SFA's police department has strategies in place to deal with shooting incidents

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - With the recent mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut, plus the shooting yesterday at Lone Star Community College in Houston, many parents are questioning campus security on universities and colleges around the nation.

"There's danger everywhere in the world," Mark Cossich, the chief of the Stephen F. Austin State University Police Department, said. "No one can guarantee anybody's safety, but what we can do is prepare for that type of emergency."

Those words of comfort came from SFA's police chief just two days after a student opened fire at a community college in North Houston.

Cossich says that his force of 30 officers plus the cooperation of the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's office and Nacogdoches police are more than ready to handle a situation like the one in Houston.

Cossich said with the cooperation of the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office and the Nacogdoches Police Department, his force of 30 officers are more than ready to handle a situation like the one in Houston.

"We've been prepared for those things since Virginia Tech and the horrible incident that happened there," Cossich said. "We have several strategies in place that involve alerting the students, faculty, staff, and visitors and alert them of any type of emergency from an active shooter to weather."

One thing parents and students can do to stay informed is to sign up for alerts from the campus police.

"If you're not by a computer where you can get email, we encourage you to sign up for your other devices, which is important because you have to register all your devices to get it on all of them," Cossich said.

And students also understand the importance of being alert.

"Just watch your surroundings and be alert," one SFA student said.

That's advice that could save your life someday.

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