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Kilgore College ready to play ball

Cleats, bats, balls and bases.

They are the sounds of a new start.

For the first time ever, Kilgore College is fielding a softball team.

"No one is ever going to be able to say I was on the very first team here at Kilgore College beside this group of girls," said sophomore Tricia Hock.

The sport is new to the school but not new to the players. 

Kilgore has seven transfers from Texarkana College, who, just 11 months ago dropped their athletic programs.

"It was a very sad moment in February when they decided we couldn't keep the programs," said Kilgore College head coach Leslie Messina.  "It Totally understandable in dire financial situations. We were under a tight time frame to find those kids a place to play."

"We were so lucky," said Hock. "We got a chance and here we are."

While the players get a new start here at Kilgore College, they hope to bring their old ways with them.

Messina won 5 conference titles coaching Texarkana.

"If you can win your first year and compete, people are going to remember that," said Messina.

Messina's players are eager to prove people wrong.

"A lot of people around here do not believe in us," said sophomore Molly Mackey.  "We're ready to shove that back in their face and we will accomplish things that no one thinks we can accomplish because we are a first year team."

Kilgore College plays its first game January 30, against Grayson County College.

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