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LISD seeks student success with Parenting Partners program


Some East Texas educators are training in a new program that could change how they work with parents to make kids successful students and successful in life.

Longview school teachers are part of the Parenting Partners program, which could be a blueprint for other districts on how to give kids team backing to win at learning. With workbooks and presentations, teachers from Longview schools tried to look at teaching from a parent's perspective.

"We want to train teachers and facilitators and administrators at their school to connect more positively with their parents," says program director David Porter.

The program focuses on positive reinforcement for learning, from both teachers and parents.

"I think we're learning how to teach our parents to be more loving, more caring, more supportive of their children. As long as they feel support loving and caring from the parents the students can be better in the classroom," says South Ward elementary teacher Fozzie Smith.

Role playing skits help teachers understand the negative comments at home that can demoralize children.

"What we're here to do is train our teachers to reach their parents and get parents to come in to get practical parenting skills," Porter says.

Perhaps now more than ever, kids have external pressures that can lead to failure if they're not coached against them.

"To protect your kids from all these external pressures such as sex, drugs. I really picked up today how important it is to put yourself in the position of a parent," says elementary teacher Whitney Stewart.

The objective is simple.

"The research has shown that when parents are more involved, supporting their children, telling them they can do good in school, the results tend to follow," Porter says.

The district will have teachers implement the program in February, and will hold Spanish language Parenting Partner programs.

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