Jasper man who found bones behind house says it felt as if someone was saying 'you found me'

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - The Jasper County Sheriff's Department and Texas Rangers have been looking for more answers after a man found a human skull in the woods behind his house Tuesday morning.

The remains were found eight miles north of Jasper in the woods behind John Miller's parents house near the intersection of Recreational Road 255 and Highway 96.

"That's somebody. That's a person, man. They died out there alone or they died a horrible death out there in the woods. There's somebody somewhere; they're looking for that person," Miller said.

Miller says his mother asked him to throw out expired chicken she had found while cleaning out the freezer. He said he went into the woods when he stumbled upon something weird in the brush.

"I was walking along and I see a bone that kind of looked unusual. I mean you run across stuff in the woods all the time you know? Animal remains, coyotes, deer, and I noticed it look different and I kicked it with my foot and it rolled over and when it did it was a human skull," Miller said.

Miller says he was absolutely shocked from his discovery and that it took him several minutes to realize what it was.

"What? This is a human skull and your mind goes when you first see 'wow! This is a human skull!' just like you would in a museum or somewhere and then you go 'wait, I'm in the woods behind my house. This doesn't belong here. This is a human skull,'" Miller said.

Miller says after he discovered the skull he found a couple other bones in a certain section of the woods. He said he immediately called the authorities. The Sheriff's Department has been combing a 10-acre stretch of land since Tuesday evening hoping to find any clues as to how this person died.

"It's normal to find bones out here. Deer, different animals die in the woods and stuff like that, but the human skull was definitely something different," Captain Bob Walker said.

Walker said he has found six bones, plus the skull in the woods. A couple of bones were found in the area where Miller found the skull. He said the others were found a couple feet further in the woods on a hill.

The Sheriff's Department sent the remains to an anthropologist at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. He says the preliminary examination determined the bones to be of a white male between the ages of 17 and 30. They also believe the bones have been in the woods for at least two years.

Walker also said they cannot determine if the bones found on top of the hill are from the same person, but he does believe they might be. He says the bones could've been dragged up the hill from animals.

The DNA results could take several weeks and even months before a determination can be made as to who the bones belong to and how the person may have died. But Miller says he feels like he was meant to find the bones so he can help the person's family find closure.

"It was just the weirdest feeling. It was almost like someone was saying 'you found me,'" Miller said.

The Sheriff's Department plans on continuing their search in the woods next week.

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