Local students compete in culinary competition

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Saturday morning the Diboll Civic Centerwas filled with the sweet aroma of culinary creations by East Texas students.

Students from Livingston, Porter,Hunstville, Central, Wells, and Diboll participated in the first Axed CulinaryCompetition, hoping to earn top honors for their skills in the kitchen.

As long as I think its going to begood its like she said complete relief, I did it I got it done," saidSabrina Welsh, 12th grade student, Central ISD.

Like something straight from realityTV the students were told the mystery ingredients, chicken breast, cheesepuffs, avocados and evaporated milk. After that, they were given 30 minutes tocome up with a game plan.

"We go through what we have andgrab anything we think we might need," said Ali, Artechi, 12thgrade student, Central ISD.

When the clocks start the students make a runfor the pantry to get extra ingredients to help their dish stand out.

"And then they have an hour toexecute that plan before they take their meal to the judges," saidJennifer Garcia, Family Consumer Science Teacher.

Central Seniors, Ali Artechi and Sabrina Welshsay the competition can be stressful so team work is the key to their success.

"I love it, I find it relaxingand her she's just kind of here she's my back-up she's my best friend so itworks," said Welsh.

But teachers say this competition isabout more than winning a prize.

"When they leave our classroom,that they actually have something they can use, you're going to eat the rest ofyour life," said Garcia.

And make each a day a little more tasty thanthe last.

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