10-year-old Alto girl raises money, awareness one cup of lemon-aid at a time

Photo courtesy of: Pierce Family
Photo courtesy of: Pierce Family
Photo courtesy of: Pierce Family
Photo courtesy of: Pierce Family

ALTO, TX (AP) - 10-year-old Emily Pierce is raising money and giving back to Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts one cup of lemonade at a time.

The Pierce family has family members that lost their homes during Hurricane Sandy and Emily came up with her own way to make a big difference.

Emily Pierce is just 10-years-old and she's already on a mission to help make the world a better place.

Emily said, "well I raised a lemonade stand, lemon-aid, A-I-D to aid the people up there in New Jersey."

Emily raised $1,000 in just 2 months from selling cups of lemonade for 25 cents a cup.

She said, "We heard about all the devastation. All the animals that didn't have homes. All the people out on the street. I really wanted to help them."

Emily's business plan was simple, she put up posters and set up shop at popular businesses in Rusk.

Emily said, "I would say, hello would you like to donate to the disaster relief fund. All the money is going to up to aid the people in New Jersey and the East Coast. "

Emily got a lot of praise from the community and from the people she was trying to help.

"They said that I was very generous, said Emily." "They said that I was a great person. On Facebook and stuff they would say we need more people like you Emily from up there on the East Coast."

Emily just hopes that she can inspire others to give back.
"So whenever I grow up maybe more people might be helpful and I think that's really great," Emily said. "If a lot of us can be more helpful and we can share that just like on Disney, Friends for a Change, if we keep passing it on and passing it on it'll be a lot of people that are helpful and our whole world might be helpful one day."

Emily plans to split her lemonade stand proceeds between the Toms River Police Foundation, Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief and Popcorn Park Zoo Animal Rescue & Sanctuary.

Emily says if you want to help, here's how:


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