FBI agents, cadaver dogs to help in search of Jasper Co. area where remains were found

JASPER, TX (AP) - Detectives with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office are still looking into the human bones that a man founded in a wooded area on Jan. 22. Later this week, 15-20 FBI agents and cadaver search dogs are expected to help with the investigation.

Jasper County Sheriff Mitchell Newman said JCSO deputies and detectives have been combing the 10-acre area north of Jasper where the skull and leg bone were found.

They also found several items of badly decomposed clothing - a shoe and a coat - within 100 yards of the bones. However, Newman said, at this time, they don't know if the clothes are related to the bones.

"On TV, they get the results back in 15 to 20 minutes," Newman said. "It doesn't usually work that way in real life."

The Jasper County Sheriff said DNA tests are being run on the bones to make sure they belonged to one person instead of two. Newman said the initial results indicate the bones belonged to a white male between the ages of 17 and 30. He also said, according to the preliminary exam by an anthropologist at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, the bones appear to have been in the woods 3 to 6 years, and the man is believed to have been at least 6 feet tall.

In a previous story, Captain Bob Walker said JCSO deputies have found six bones in all, including the skull. Several bones were found in the same vicinity of where Jasper resident John Miller found the skull behind his parents' house. He said the other bones were found a few feet further in the woods on a hill.

Walker also said they cannot determine if the bones found on top of the hill are from the same person, but he does believe they might be. He says the bones could've been dragged up the hill from animals.

The DNA results could take several weeks and even months before a determination can be made as to who the bones belong to and how the person may have died. But Miller says he feels like he was meant to find the bones so he can help the person's family find closure.

"It was just the weirdest feeling. It was almost like someone was saying 'you found me,'" Miller said in a previous story.

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