Key ring warning: Real or hoax? - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Key ring warning: Real or hoax?

There are reports of a possible scam that could make its way to East Texas.

Police have received an alert from the Fort Worth area that criminals are giving away free key rings with tracking chips at gas stations and parking lots.

They say the key ring allow criminals to track and follow you.

The criminals will present themselves as sales promoters and police say they can be very convincing. Law enforcement as far away as Lubbock are on alert.

However, it should be noted that popular website Snopes, which debunks hoaxes, claims that this is not true and that it is a hoax that started back in 2008, when a South African gas retailer gave out free 'solar' key rings. The rings did not have transmitters and weren't being used by criminals to track potential victims.

As always though, If you are approached by someone trying to give you something for free, you should use extreme caution and discretion.

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