Lufkin woman buys $1 necklace, returns it after discovering it's real

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A diamond necklace purchased for a buck at a yard sale Saturday becomes an unforeseen treasure. A Lufkin woman bought the necklace at a yard sale on US 69, but she returned the necklace to the family Monday after she made a stunning discovery that lead to a priceless decision.

"They had quite a bit of jewelry there and that particular necklace caught my eye. I liked the style of it and I did not have any idea that it was real," Michelle Jay said. "The clasp on it was obviously not real. I liked the style of it and I didn't care if it was real or not, and it only cost a dollar."

She cleaned the silver necklace and brought it to Cavanaugh's jewelry where she learned the small six diamonds were in fact real.

Jay said, "The people at the jewelry store said that it was probably diamonds. They were not large impressive type diamonds, but they said that they were probably in someone's family jewelry; and they didn't want to lose those diamonds. They said the family wanted to still be able to wear them, so they had them set into this necklace."

Jay did not think twice about it as she knew the right thing to do was to return the diamonds to the owner. The owner of the necklace Aurora said she did not know the necklace her grandmother in Mexico gave her had so much value. She said she was shocked and appreciative of Jay's unselfish act. Aurora lost her 15 year old son to leukemia a few months ago and the proceeds from the yard sale will help her pay off the funeral costs.

"Whether it's sentimental or it helps them with their expenses, I'm just happy that I was able to give it back to them because I didn't feel right having something so valuable, sentimental, or monetary," Jay said. "I wish it was the norm was that everyone was honest and would do this kind of thing so that  it would be no big deal."

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