Eight East Texas earthquakes since May 17 likely just aftershocks

Dr. Wesley Brown
Dr. Wesley Brown

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - For the second time in a week, residents of the Timpson area were woken up to an early morning quake. This trembler rattled things around 6:30 this morning; it was a 2.8-magnitude quake struck near County Road 4027.

With a second tremor since last week, many residents in East Texas are now asking questions like, why have there been so many quakes?

There have been eight tremors since May 2012.

East Texas News sat down with Dr. Wesley Brown, a Stephen F. Austin professor and an expert on seismic activity for answers to some of the questions.

"Mostly what we are experiencing now are the aftershocks of the May17th earthquake which was the main shock," Brown said. "There is no way to predict what will happen but we expect them to be small."

Another popular question -  is the practice of fracking causing the earthquakes?

"In Texas, we have not had any evidence to link fracking to earthquakes," Brown said.

Brown stated that a more logical answer to the Timpson quake is the fact that the town is part of the Mount Enterprise fault line.

However, the biggest question is, should residents be worried about a big quake?

"As I said before it is hard to predict, but we really don't have any evidence that a bunch of small quakes usually lead to a bigger one," Brown said. "If the May 17th was the main shock, then the chances are the ones that follow are usually smaller, so right now I am not concerned about a much larger earthquake, but there is no way of telling."

Those are comforting words for an area not used to these events.

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