E. Texas law enforcement agencies stocking up on ammo

Greg Sanches
Greg Sanches
Jason Bridges.
Jason Bridges.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Angelina County and Nacogdoches County sheriff's offices have plenty of ammunition for now but that's not stopping them from ordering more  and preparing for the future.

Reports of Texas law enforcement agencies running low on ammo and potentially cutting back on training to conserve bullets has east Texas sheriff's concerned.

Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches says they're stock pile of arms and ammo is good.

"They are having problems throughout certain parts of the state and throughout the country but as far as Angelina County goes we're doing well," Sanches said.

But Sanches says as long as there is a shortage, the county is going to plan ahead.

"We're planning for the future and already getting a hold of some of the ammunition manufacturers and going ahead and putting orders in," Sanches said.

The same goes for Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges and his department.

"We've contacted our vendors and we're four to six months on handgun ammunition is what it takes to get us that," Bridges said. "We're in the process of placing an order for that and they can't even give us a timeline on rifle ammunition."

Bridges says the buying frenzy on weapons and ammo is being seen on a local level.

"The good thing that we have going for us is we have a lot of ammunition on hand," Bridges said. "We have quite a bit."

With both counties good on ammo for now, there are no plans to restrict training or time at the shooting range to conserve bullets.

"I don't see any cutbacks right now," Sanches said. "I don't really see any major problems."

Bridges says their is only one real downfall to the ammunition shortage.

"We were actually going to add to some of the training but that will probably be put on hold because of what we're looking at with the ammunition," he said.

Bridges says there are plenty of other types of training officers can do without actually shooting the bullet, like tactical training and dry firing weapons.

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