SFA ready to refocus after snapping 11-game win streak

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The SFA basketball team had to do something strange this week at practice. For the first time in almost two months, and just the second time this season, the 'jacks are trying to rebound from a loss.

"It feels weird, we haven't lost since December 5th,' said SFA Senior Taylor Smith. "So practice was really intense yesterday and it was a really good practice. Everybody was more focused."

Northwestern State broke SFA's 11-game win streak over the weekend, but some feel that the loss could help this team moving forward.

"We got a little too over confident, our egos got a little big and we kind of crushed those a little bit," said 'Jacks Forward Jacob Parker. "Hopefully we will come out this week and play with a lot more intensity."

So Coach Kaspar must have turned up the intensity when talking to his team this week right? Wrong. In fact Kaspar said he tried to stay as even keel as possible.

"You talk about the same things you were talking about when you were winning, I don't think you change much," said Kaspar. "You just say let it go, but let's really focus now. They know what the loss meant, and there is a little bit greater sense of urgency with them this week than there was last week."

Next up the team travels to Lake Charles to take on McNeese State Wednesday night. The Cowboys (2-6) are fighting to find a spot in the Southland tourney, while SFA (7-1) is hoping to maintain it's spot on top of the standings.

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