Senior Center Director Retires

A strong work ethic and a compassion for the elderly are traits of Maedelle Weaver. For the past two decades Weaver has directed the Nacogdoches County Senior Citizen Center. She's now beginning life as a retiree.

On her last day Weaver enjoyed meeting friends who came to wish her a happy retirement. She then listened politely to all the praise. "As a good steward Mrs Weaver is in a class of her own." "We declare this day Maedelle Weaver day." "There are few people who are as compassionate and caring as Mrs Weaver."

The words of gratitude came one after another from United Way, Deep East Texas Council of Governments, Nacogdoches city and county governments, the Junior Forum...all the agencies who help made Weaver's job a little bit easier.

After each and every accolade Weaver gave a thankful anecdote about the individual or agency. Weaver is humble, but her leadership led to many changes.

Twenty years ago meals were delivered to only five homebound individuals. 175 meals are delivered today. And group meals are served in six locations. When extreme money shortages almost closed the center down, Weaver obtained funding to totally renovate the facility.She did it for the generation she loves.

"Seniors are so appreciative of everything and they tell you about it. And when you see you've helped someone that gives you a good feeling," said Weaver.

And Weaver's work ethic can't go ignored. She began working at age 35 when most of us dream of the joys of retirement. Now one week before her 76th birthday weaver still has a difficult time referring to herself as a senior citizen.

"I get teased by my husband about it. He says I'm up here with my age group. He's only four years old than me, so I wonder what age group he thinks he's in. But me a senior citizen, no not yet, I don't think," laughed weaver.