Local High School Graduate Packs Her Bags

While many are anticipating the start of the Democratic National Convention, there's probably no one more excited as one local high school graduate. Katie Naranjo is packing her bags and getting ready to head to Boston. She's one of the youngest people going as a volunteer staff member at the convention. She tried to go as a delegate, but because of Texas state rules, she had to have voted in the state primary, but then, she was too young. Katie says she's had an interest in politics for a long time and thinks all young people should get out and not only vote, but know why they're voting.

"It's something important. People just shouldn't vote, they should have a reason as to why they vote, and they should be able to defend their reasons or at least tell people about their reasons, and influence others to vote and register and to make sure their voices are heard," said Katie Naranjo, who is going to the Democratic National Convention.

While Katie is excited about going, her mom is a little nervous about her safety with all the rumors of terrorist attacks, but the fact that her dad is going with her puts her mom a little at ease.