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Good Samaritan who finds, returns money: 'This is the only way you can live'


It is a scenario that causes one to ask, what would you do? That was the situation Martha Maynard found herself in when she found a deposit bag of money in the parking lot of the Kilgore McDonald's.

Tuesday around noon, Martha Maynard, a 65-year-old Kilgore resident, was walking her grandson into McDonald's when he noticed something on the ground.

"I got out and looked down and I didn't pay attention to it. He looked down and said, 'Oh wow!' I took another look at it and it was a bag full of money," Maynard said.

It was a deposit bag with more than $1,000 in it.

"50s, 20s, 1s, everything. It was in a plastic baggie that was sealed and I knew it had to come from somewhere," Maynard said.

Maynard didn't think twice about it. She walked right into the McDonald's.

"So I went into McDonald's and said, 'you guys will never guess what God gave me. He gave me a bag full of money,'" Maynard said. 

Her joke was met with a huge sigh of relief from the assistant manager, who said one of his employees had accidentally dropped it. McDonalds declined to comment on this story.

It was a situation that may have caused some to pause, but Maynard's conscience would never let her.

"I'm a person who has a conscience to my life. I want my grandbabies and great-grand babies, I have 13 grandbabies and 3 great grand babies, and I want them all to know, this is the only way you can live," Maynard said. 

Even though Maynard could have used the money, she said her integrity is worth much more.

"God made you who you are and your word is all you've got," Maynard said.

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