Trees in houses and over-turned travel trailers, Sabine Co. hit hard by Tuesday night's severe weather

SABINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - KTRE took a tour of the damage today with Sabine County Emergency Management in one of the hardest hit areas during Tuesday night's storm: Pineland, TX

Sheet metal, over-turned travel trailers and trees liter about a 2 mile section of Pineland.
Sabine County Emergency Management Coordinator, Larry Martin said, "There's some damage to some structures, I had one trailer that was turned over, a little mobile home and got a tree in a double wide house over in Pineland."

Last night the owners of a property out in Pineland say that the storm that blew through here sounded like a freight train and they were really scared. When they came outside after the storm was over they say sheet metal from a shed is scattered all over their yard and a travel trailer that they owned is on its side about 30 feet away from where it used to sit

The storm ripped siding off this house, blew siding into a truck, collapsed part of a woodshed awning and flipped over and bent a trampoline.

About a mile down the road, Ruby Johns and her husband were in their house when all of the sudden…

"I heard a boooommmmm," Johns said. "So I jumped up right quick and all of us met in there in the living room. [Her husband]said get your clothes we're about to get up out of here and we start going through the house. I went in the kitchen and I said uh hu there's a tree right there in the kitchen, there's a big ol tree, and [her husband] said no, I said yes."

Johns said, "The tree is right here in the dining room right here and then I come in the washroom and the rest of the tree is in the washroom. It just hit all of the sudden just like instant."

Johns says the storm damage couldn't have come at a worse time because she had super bowl and wedding anniversary plans this week.

Tree trimmers are working to remove the tree from Johns' house and she says she will be staying with family until all the repairs are made.

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