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New cardiac device could predict heart attack


A few East Texans have qualified to participate in a clinical study for a new cardiac device. 

We first told you about the AngelMed Guardian System back in September, when East Texans agreed to participate in the study by having the device implanted in their chest. 

The device helps patients detect abnormalities and then, if detected, warns the patient that a heart attack may be imminent. 

"This thing is implanted in my chest and this talks to this thing," explained Howard Cartwright, a participant from Palestine. 

Depending on the severity of the abnormality detected, the AngelMed Guardian System device will send the patient a message to either call 911 or see the doctor. 

Cartwright said so far, it has been worth the risk. 

"It's gone off three times on the see doctor alert. It startles you pretty good. I mean this thing will wake you up," Cartwright said. 

The device did wake Cartwright up. He called his doctor and made a visit to the hospital where AngelMed staff connected the device to a computer, which told them exactly what Cartwright's heart had been doing since the device was implanted.

"This device is going 24/7 and it's always looking. Many patients live in fear of when their next heart attack will happen. Many patients have symptoms all the time and they can't tell if it's a heart attack or something else, and so they kind of live in fear," said Michael Houle, a field clinical engineer with Angel Medical Systems.

He said many patients tell him the device give them a peace of mind. The device detects abnormalities the patient cannot. And without those alerts?

"I guess it could have gotten bad enough where I could have had a heart attack, but thankfully this device saved the day on me. This is my buddy here, my best friend," Cartwright said. 

To find out if you are eligible for the device, contact Tyler Cardiovascular Consultants at 903-595-5514. 

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