Now You See it: New Orleans hotel offers $10,000 Super Bowl drink package


NEW ORLEANS - (CNN) Anyone heading to the Super Bowl in New Orleans can expect to pay big bucks for a hotel room, but the drinks are pretty pricey, too.

At least they are at the Windsor Court Hotel. They are offering a drink package for a whopping$10,000! That's a lot to swallow, but the drink isn't all you get.

"The $10,000 cocktail, it's the key to the city so it includes a two-night stay on a future visit in the penthouse at the Windsor Court, and it also includes dinner in the grill room." Sarah Kavanaugh, a spokeswoman for Windsor Court Hotel, said.  "It includes city tours, spa treatments."

Don't want to spend that much? Try a Sazerac cocktail - that will only set you back $2,000. That drink also comes with a one-night hotel stay, spa treatments, and dinner. What a deal, right?

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