Restaurant Report-Angelina-1/31/13

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Empire Buffet @ 2301 S. First St.: 41 demerits for improper temperatures, all food must be labeled and dated, sushi bar must have sneeze guard, do not store personal items with food or single service items, food must be covered and protected, clean vent filters, clean floor drains, paint all bare wood, do not thaw food directly in the sink, remove household equipment, do not block hand sink, need paper towels at all hand sinks, back door must be insect/ rodent proof, do not store utensils in standing water, scoops need handles and food grade containers are required.

Mexico Express @ 1603 W. Frank Ave.: 28 demerits for no jewelry can be worn in kitchen, clean under grill, all food must be covered and protected, do not store shrimp on undrained ice, do not store raw food above ready to eat food, repair faucet at compartment sink, hand sink in cooking area must be reinstalled immediately, back door must be insect/rodent proof, all spray bottle must have a label and clean and sanitize ice machine.

Dee Dee Donuts @2213 E. Denman: 27 demerits for no children in kitchen, clean outside area, food manager needed, personal items must be stored away from food, time and date needed on potentially hazardous foods, self closure needed on restroom door, trash can in restroom needs a lid, food in coolers must be covered and protected, do not cover dough with plastic grocery bags, repair leak at compartment sink, food grade containers needed and knives must be stored clean and proper.

Standpipe Coffee House @ 123 S. First St.: 19 demerits for improper temperatures, food manager required, all food must come from an approved source and all toxic items must be labeled.

Schlotzsky's @ 4601 S. Medford: 17 demerits for improper temperatures, personal items must be stored away from food, do not store icing on floor, fountain drink nozzles in drive-thru must be cleaned and clean drip pan at fountain drink machine.

Taco Bueno @ 2408 S. First St.: 15 demerits for cheese too warm, clean fan covers in walk-in cooler, clean carts, clean ceiling vents, clean vent hood filters, replace ceiling tiles, repair leak at ice machine, store ice scoop properly, clean microwave and store bulk item scoops properly.

Casa Morales II Restaurant/Club @ 4515 Hwy 59 N.: 15 demerits for improper temperatures, repair hole in wall, restroom doors must self close, repair leak at dishwasher and food grade containers required.

Brookshire Brothers #35 Grocery/Produce @ 223 N. Temple, Diboll: 15 demerits for improper temperatures, remove expired food products from shelves, repair leak at compartment sink and thermometer needed in freezer.

Wild Willies @ 308 N. Timberland: 14 demerits for wood floor must be completely covered, store toxic items away from single service items and chemical test strips needed.

Quizno's @ 4206 S. Medford: 13 demerits for improper temperatures, clean under equipment, remove expired products from cooler, clean vents and clean shelves.

The Grill @ 1911 S. First St.:13 demerits for repair wall in restroom, repair wall behind compartment sink, clean under ice machine, clean under prep tables, trash can needs lid in restroom, do not prop side door open, chemical test strips needed, clean inside ice machine and floor needs new coat of paint.

Brookshire Brothers #35 Deli @ 223 N. Temple Diboll: 12 demerits for improper temperatures, clean under ice machine, clean under stove, clean under shelves in walk-in freezer, remove expired food items from shelves and clean inside ice machine.

Burger King @ 2402 S. First: 10 demerits for clean ice dispensers and employees are not allowed to wear jewelry.

Jim Ann's Club @ 1911 S. First St.: 10 demerits for clean under all equipment in bar, do not prop side door open and clean and sanitize inside ice machine.

Little Caesar's @ 1034 S. John Redditt: 10 demerits for employees must not wear jewelry, food manager needed on site, do not prop back door open and all spray bottles need to be labeled.

Crawdaddy's Boil-N-Go @ 1202 S. Chestnut: 7 demerits for self closure needed on door to building and restroom, do not store single service items on floor, chemical test strips needed, remove rug, lid needed on trash can in restroom and sinks outside need cover.

Rays Drive Inn @ 420 Timberland Dr.: 7 demerits for missing floor tiles under equipment in kitchen need to be replaced, clean vent hood filters and clean ice scoop holder.

Brookshire Brothers #35 Bakery @ 223 N. Temple Diboll: 4 demerits for clean inside donut case and clean under shelves in walk-in freezer.

Whataburger @ 103 Brentwood: 4 demerits for employees are not allowed to wear jewelry in the kitchen.

West Loop Chevron Grocery/Deli @ 904 S. John Redditt: 4 demerits for Ceiling tiles must be vinyl coated, do not store single service items on the floor, repair wall by ice machine, clean under ice machine and clean fan covers in walk-in cooler.

Brookshire Brothers #35 Meat Market @ 223 N. Temple Diboll: 0 demerits.

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