Remembering Columbia

Everyone in East Texas recalls where they were and what they were doing when the space Shuttle Columbia exploded over the area. Ten years later, we are still impacted. Beginning tonight and ending tomorrow night, we bring you very special coverage of the anniversary.

At 5, Donna McCollum sits down with a San Augustine County woman who discovered an astronaut's helmet on the her property and where she and her family are in life now.

At 6, Donna previews tonight's event and will bring you some of the interesting stories from people who are at the event.

Also, we bring you the story of Sue Kennedy, the former Nacogdoches County judge who now works at the Diocese of Tyler as a nun. She'll explain her role in the shuttle recovery efforts and explains how the incident came into her decision to start her spiritual journey.

The coverage continues at 10, as Donna comes back with a wrap-up of the events at tonight's town hall meeting with NASA.

Within hours of the Columbia crash, a group of geography and forestry students at SFA created the first maps of the shuttle path. At 10, Maegan Prejean explains how they started a new trend for disaster recovery.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor