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New bill would ban all AZ red light cameras


A new bill could ban all red light cameras in Arizona.

"On Tuesday a bill will be filed at the state legislature to ban every camera that issues tickets in Arizona," said Shawn Dow, a coordinator for Campaign for Liberty, a citizens' rights organization.

In part, the bill reads:

"No traffic complaint, notice of violation or other legal form of civil or criminal charge or citation shall be issued or filed in the state of Arizona for an alleged violation of this Title or of any other state, county or municipal law relating to the operation of a motor vehicle if the alleged violation was detected through the use of a Photo Enforcement System, as defined in subsection B of this section."

Dow said there are still about 75 cameras spread through Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson.

"The only tickets that will be issued in Arizona will be issued by sworn peace officer, and that's the way we like it, not by a private foreign company in a foreign land," he said.

According to Dow, research shows that red light cameras can increase accidents at intersections. However, a 2007 study by ASU on red light camera intersections shows mixed results. The study states:

"Consistent with findings in other regions, angle and left-turn crashes are reduced in general, while rear-end crashes tend to increase as a result of RLCs."

Jody Ryan, the director of Communications for Red Flex, one of the photo-enforcement companies that has offices here in the Valley, said she cannot comment on legislation that has not been introduced. However, she did say that drivers drive more carefully when they know they are being monitored.

"Once someone understands that a camera is in place, they will slow down. They will not run the red lights. They will change the way they're driving and, (they will) become a much more safe driver on the road," she said.

If the legislation passes through the House and Senate, the cameras could be removed as soon as the governor signs the bill.

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