2 Angelina Co. school districts not looking into arming teachers

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The idea of arming teachers is circulating East Texas and at least 2 school districts think that 100%  of the teachers time should be dedicated to educating students.

Diboll and Hudson school districts both say their school board and communities feel safe with their current security measures without needing to arm their teachers.

Diboll and Hudson superintendents' say there have been no requests so far asking them to arm their teachers.

Hudson ISD superintendent Mary Ann Whitaker says if the idea ever was to come up...

Whitaker says, "It would be based on what the community feels we need to do. I think at the present time our community feels that we have a safe school."

Whitaker says in fact, "We did drills on our campuses for shelter in place safety. Within 5 seconds on campuses doors were locked, students and teachers were totally out of sight and lights were off."

Diboll ISD has not had any requests for armed teachers either but superintendent Gary Martel says they have been upping security.

Martel said, "Officers are visiting our campuses at different times. No one's going to know basically when they're there but we set up a plan with the police."

Martel says the officers interact with the students and staff.

He said, "We wanted the students and the staff to see security, armed security on campus and it was people they knew."

Both superintendents agree that teachers are there to teach.

Whitaker said, "We just want to make sure that our staff's attention would be on the students and not somewhere else."

Both districts say that funding is a huge issue and that they would be able to add even more security and more education programs if resources weren't an issue.