Rusk community shows support for their neighbors at Franks family fundraiser

RUSK, TX (KTRE) - The community of Rusk has a reputation of stepping up to the plate to help out their neighbors in times of need and their kindness has really paid off and the Franks family is the latest benefactor of that community support.

Cars lined up down HWY 69 in Rusk and hundreds of people stood patiently waiting to get a plate of spaghetti so they can support one of their own.

Shaina Ferrara couldn't believe how many people showed up and how long the line was.

Ferrara said, "I think it's wonderful that the community has stood up and gotten behind Brandi and Noel and letting them know that we're there for them and that we love them."

Brandi and Noel Franks will both go under the knife February 20th. Brandi will donate a kidney to her husband Noel who is in renal failure to help save his life.

The Franks say they're blown away by how many people showed up to support them at their spaghetti fundraiser.

"This is amazing, Noel said. "Something we never thought could happen. It just blows me away."

Ferrara says, "It's typical of Rusk. Everybody supports everybody"

Jason Kellis came to how his support and says he's proud to be a part of this community.

"We're kinda like a big family you know. When it comes to something like this you know. I didn't expect this many people to be here," said Kellis.

Linda Stewart has lived in Rusk all her life and says her town will always be there for each other.

Steward said, "I think rusk is a really good community and they pull together for their people."

Brandi said, "Sometimes people want to complain about living in a small town because of how everybody knows everybody's business but you'll see people say time and time again that when a crisis happens or somebody's in need that you wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

The Franks say the Rusk community is an inspiration and they are so thankful to be a part of it.

Noel said, "It's not about us. It's not about Noel and Brandi. It's about this community and what God's doing here. It's never been about us. It's not about the money, not about the donations. It's just about everybody showing their love."

The fundraiser was an overwhelming success as more than 350 people showed up to the spaghetti fundraiser in support of the Franks family.

The community helped them exceed their goal in donations, sales of spaghetti plates for both here and to-go, a live cake auction which had bidders paying as high as $300 for a cake at one time and a silent auction to help lift the financial burden of the surgeries off the family.

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