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ETX organization continues to 'Replenish' world's water supply


Most of us are lucky enough to have clean water available to us at the touch of a button, or turn of the faucet, a fact Brian Lamb and his organization "Replenish" continue to bring awareness to by selling water bottles to provide clean water resources for other people.

Lamb says he received something of a vision during the summer of 2011 to do something for people in the world who don't have the option to drink clean water, and that's how the "Replenish" was born.

But Lamb says his goal is bigger than just providing clean water for the people in developing nations all over the world.

"I've always felt I've had a calling on my life that's greater than myself. And what 'Replenish' is - it's exactly what that is. It's a way for me to give back and make the world a better place," he said.

Lamb says "Replenish" has three goals - to show God's love, to provide clean water resources to those in need, and to raise community awareness.

"By selling bottled water it does all three of those at the same time," said Lamb. "When people drink water, especially 'Replenish,' when they drink it they realize that someone else around the world doesn't have that privilege or opportunity, and that's what we really try - we sell our idea more than our product, and that's why it's been so successful so far."

Lamb was inspired to model "Replenish" after the company Toms, which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that someone buys - the one for one model.

"Replenish" donates one water purification tablet for every bottle of water and one life straw for every case of water sold. So far, they've donated more than 500 tablets and 100 life straws for people in ten countries.

"What we do is, we kind of take donating to a whole other level, in my opinion. They already have the water resources there, it's just that they can't drink it because it's not pure or clean to drink or safe to drink," Lamb said. "So we give them the option to make it clean and safe to drink."

Most of all, Lamb encourages others to follow a calling that God places on their lives.

"If you have a dream or if you have a vision to change the world, don't sit on your hands, because there are people, sometimes millions of people, that are counting on you to take a stand for them and make a difference," he said.

"Replenish" also has a clothing line on their website and they donate ten percent of those profits to their partners. In part, they've been able to use that money to build five wells to continue providing clean water for others.

Their next event in East Texas will be a four-mile walk on March 22 to continue raising awareness for the worldwide need for clean water.

For more information about how to get involved with "Replenish," including how to follow them on Facebook or Twitter, please visit their website.

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