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ETX men travel to preach the gospel to Super Bowl fans


A group of East Texas men are home from a busy weekend in New Orleans. But, unlike most people, they didn't travel to ‘The Big Easy' for football or Mardi Gras, instead they were chasing the crowd those events brought together.

"The Jesus Christ I represent is the Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible," says Mike Peek, a street preacher from Whitehouse.

Peek traveled from East Texas with several friends to preach the gospel to football fans and Mardi Gras goers in New Orleans. He says some street preachers don't actually preach the gospel, which gives street preaching a bad name. Once people in New Orleans realized Peek wasn't there to condemn them, he says they opened up.

"After a couple of days they were like, ‘You guys are different, you're different from what we usually hear,'" Peek says.

The men worked with 115 other street preachers for Sports Fan Outreach International, a mission agency.

"I could hear people say, 'They're everywhere,' you couldn't get away from hearing the gospel on different street corners, you know you think you turn the corner and there's another street preacher," says Mike Anderson, an East Texas street preacher who went with Peek to New Orleans.

Anderson says God had a plan for the people in New Orleans, "They think they're there to watch the Super Bowl, they think they're there to experience Mardi Gras, but I believe that God knows who those people are and brought them to Himself to hear the gospel."

Still, the men were met with some opposition.

"I was broken hearted in seeing where it seems the people's gods lie in things other than the Lord and it reminded me where God's taken me from because I was one of those people very shortly ago," says Jason May, another street preacher from Tyler who went on the trip.

Despite opposition, the men say they preached on.

"We heard people saying,, 'God doesn't do this, you should keep it in the church.' It's like, well, you're not going to follow us into the church so we are going to come out where you are," Anderson says.

The group plans to continue carrying their message to big crowds. The men say they are already planning their trip to New Jersey to preach at next year's Super Bowl.

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