Lady Pirates one win from perfect regular season

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - When every team begins the season the ultimate goal is perfection. For most it is just a dream. But for the number two state ranked Martinsville Lady Pirates, a perfect regular season is now just one win away.

What started as a joke in the locker room is now becoming reality. A win on Tuesday night over Shelbyville would wrap up a perfect 32-0 regular season for Martinsville.

"It was crazy when we were 3-0 we finally sat down and decided wouldn't that be awesome if we had an undefeated season," said Martinsville Senior Emily Knight. "So we kind of made it our goal then and I don't think anybody thought we could actually do it, so I think everyone is proud of us now for making it this far."

As the wins grew, 10-0, 20, and now 31, the team started to notice growing support from all over East Texas.

"It has been really cool," said Martinsville Senior Taylor Enloe. "You don't know how many people have come up to us, even from other towns, and said 'oh we have seen you on the news, we have seen you in the newspaper,' that is really cool."

Coach Danny Enloe says he is happy to see his team get all of the positive attention.

"We are all noticing when we go into town there is people we don't recognize and they are congratulating us saying keep them going coach," said Coach Enloe. "It is really neat that they are getting the notoriety that they are."

So with less than 24 hours until the game, we asked the Lady Pirates if they felt at all nervous.

"I am ready for it," said Emily Knight.

"Not really nervous, I am confident," said Taylor Enloe.

"I am not nervous, we can do it," said Martinsville Senior Gabby Spencer. "We have been doing it all along. Just because some team thinks they are going to come in and beat us, no. We are confident and we practice to win so we will be ready to play."

"I don't really see any nerves," said Coach Enloe. "So people ask well how do you think you are going to do tomorrow. Well we practice to win. So that is what we tell them. So that is where we are at right now. We are just looking to go out and complete the season and if we complete it the way we want it will end up being a perfect season."

Coach Enloe says they searched the record books and the trophy case and while Martinsville has had basketball success, they have never had a perfect season. Tuesday night against Shelbyville, the Martinsville Lady Pirates have a chance to become the very first perfect team in school history.

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