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Scholarship planned for 'Good Samaritan' Albright's daughter


Today, Leadership Tyler showed what true leadership is all about.

Jason Albright died a hero and won't be able to see his baby girl graduate from college but today, Leadership Tyler made sure she would have the resources available to use higher education to better her life.

"We just want to help the family and come alongside Erin and Emily and be able to help them in a very tangible way."

So, today, Leadership Tyler announced it has partnered with Jason Albright's alma mater, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, to give Jason's baby girl, Emily, a full scholarship to the school.

On top of that, they also presented his widow, Erin, with a scholarship to continue her education.

"He would be so proud of his Leadership Tyler family if he could see they way they are stepping up and caring for us right now," Erin said today.

Erin says she knew Jason was exceptional the moment she met him.

"Jason was an exceptional man, and when I met him, I knew I wanted to be on his journey. I want to go where he went," she said.

He proved how unselfish and giving  he was January 18th.  That night he and another man ran into the middle of Highway 31 in Tyler to help a woman who was just in an accident move out of danger.

Both men died when a car hit them.

Jason was 33 years-old.

 "When he died, he was doing it helping some else and that was what Jason was all about."

Tim Connor of Leadership Tyler said, "Jason was a great guy, was the center of our room and great connector and made everybody feel like he was their friend."

Connor said Leadership Tyler wanted to honor Jason's contribution by supporting his family.

It's support Erin appreciates.

She says days like today make it possible for her to move forward for herself and her daughter, knowing everything will be fine.

"I could feel hear God say Jason is with me but I'm with you, and He is showing how He will provide for the family in the midst of this tragedy."

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