Angelina County's oldest female citizen turns 103 years old

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Neches House and Assisted Living Concepts, Inc., threw a big birthday bash for Angelina County's oldest female citizen who turned 103 years old today, and many are saying this years party was the biggest one yet.

Dozens of people lined the hallways inside the senior living community anxiously awaiting the arrival of the birthday girl and star of the day, Mary Clark.

"To live to a hundred and three is pretty spectacular and we're proud to have her in our house at the Neches House. I believe she has been here going on five years and she's been a resident for awhile. She's so smart and sweet and I just think it's awesome she's having another birthday and heading for another one," said Jeremy Sanford, the Resident Sales Manager for Neches House.

Clark expected some people to show up, but says she was surprised to see how big the party actually was.

"I feel great. I love my birthday and this one is the best yet. I am surprised to see everybody here. There were a few people who I knew were coming, my family and real old friends. My goodness, I really didn't know it was going to be this big," Clark said.

The birthday bash included live music and even had a special guest appearance from Mayor Bob Brown, who had a little surprise proclamation from the City of Lufkin for Clark.

"This day, February 5, 2013, is Mary Clark Day by proclamation in the City of Lufkin," Mayor Brown said.

Clapping her hands in pure joy and happiness, Clark's grandson, Barry McCafferty, never left her side. He flew in from Boston, Massachusetts just to spend some time with his grandmother.

"She means the world to me and even though you can't tell right now, I stand six-foot-seven and she probably stands about four ten, but I look up to her and I always will and anything that I am and will become I've learned from her," McCafferty said.

Guests from the pastor of First Baptist Church Lufkin to friends at the Worship Center attended the event. Some even spoke about Clark in loving ways and recalled fond memories they share with her.

McCafferty says he still can't believe so many people showed up to his grandmother's birthday.

"It's amazing that 103 years old and this many people are still connected and it shows that my grandmother still inspires a lot of people and a lot of people still listen no matter what age," McCafferty said.

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