San Augustine woman back in jail after violating probation

Paula Jackson (Source: San Augustine County Jail)
Paula Jackson (Source: San Augustine County Jail)

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - A woman is back in jail after testing positive for meth while on probation and a motion to revoke her probation has been filed.

40-year-old Paula Jackson was arrested for copper theft in 2012 in San Augustine.
A few weeks ago Jackson contacted KTRE alleging the San Augustine sheriff was out-to-get her and the sheriff sent her a text message asking her quote "do you want to buy some dope?"

Chief Deputy Gary Cunningham says it is a common practice for San Augustine and other law enforcement agencies to use text messages in under cover narcotics and other types of investigations.

Cunningham said, "as far as using electronic media, text messages, the computer anything as long as it's a legitimate exercise of law enforcement authority it's a legitimate practice.

Cunningham says the Sheriff's Department does not have an agenda against Jackson but they do hold people accountable for violations of the law.