Nacogdoches-based CWJC is seeking mentors to encourage students

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Christian Women's Job Corps is needing mentors to encourage students as they enter the job market. Although a lot of that can be done through social media, the relationships between mentors and their "merea" are often much more than a casual e-mail.

In Hebrew, "merea" means friend. That's what CWJC graduate Linca Sanders is to her mentor, Marion Strahan.

"Our role is more supportive and to be a sounding board and an encourager," Marion Strahan, a CWJC mentor, said.

That comes in handy when the first job interview doesn't lead to a job.

"I didn't get the job, but it did give me the confidence to keep trying. I know eventually something will come up soon," Linca Sanders, a CWJC graduate, said.

All Christian Women Job Corps students have their patience tested. However, the goal of becoming self sufficient is usually reached.

If only all women would set some goals like the women who are going through Christian Women Job Corps studies. It's not easy, but once it's accomplished, it's so rewarding.

Over lunches, e-mails, and Facebook the two fulfill an agreement, or covenant, to reach certain goals.

"To me the most challenging is to hold them accountable for what they say they want to do," Strahan," said.

Confidence follows.

"If I could just get in the door, I know if I'm given the chance know I can do the job," Sanders said.

Despite a disability which Sanders has just accepted as a part of life, the mentor and the merea will find the job just waiting to be filled.

There's a shortage of mentors at Christian Women Job Corps. A mentor training session is scheduled for Saturday, February 18th. To sign up or learn more about the program, call CWJC or go to its Facebook page.

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