Lufkin radio station showing love

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - February means one thing, Showing signs of love and while most people celebrate Valentine's Day on the 14th.

One East Texas radio station is celebrating it all month long with their "Love That Sticks" campaign

All month long listeners of KSWP are being asked to leave a random note of encouragement for someone.

The hope is that the note will help the person who finds it feel loved.

"I think a lot of us go through life looking for love in the wrong places which can lead us down the wrong path, so we wanted to gear this towards the love of Jesus," said Jennifer May, promotion director of KSWP.

Since the campaign started on February first the notes have started showing up everywhere from computer screens to the guard shack at Central ISD to even a virtual one put up on their facebook page from a listener in Europe.

A simple gesture done in a very simple way.

"Just right what you feel that might give someone encouragement and hope and just stick it somewhere you're going," said May.

The station is not just preaching love, their practicing it as well.

"She had been having a bad morning and Tim here at the station had posted one on her computer and he didn't know she was having a bad morning and he just stuck it there, no name, no nothing, and she ended up crying saying ," said May.

The best part is, the notes don't have to stop just because the year's shortest month ends.

"After February, you see someone having a bad day, post it, stick it, it doesn't just have to be February when we can share what we're sharing this month," said May.

You never know, you just might be the bright spot in someone's very bad day.

To see the encouraging notes go to

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