Angelina Co. Sheriff Greg Sanches talks about first month in office

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - After 39 days in officeGreg Sanches says the transition into the Sheriff position has had its ups anddowns but he is positive about where the department is headed.

"Moral is up peopleare working hard and well for the citizens and we're out they're protectingcitizens our numbers will show," said Sanches.

In January the office received 961 calls andhas serviced over 300 warrants. Statistics show the department has recoveredover $50,000 worth of stolen property and 12 grams of meth.

Sanches says thedepartment has found success despite personnel changes.

" We had the protestersand then we had some budget issues that we had to get over, we've beenshorthanded, I've been short handed about 6 to 8 employees," said Sanches.

Tom Selman has beenConstable for Precinct 1 in Angelina County for eight years. He believes Sanchesbrings a new perspective to the office.

Selman says Sanches hasbrought in the right staff to get the job done.

"I think the citizensare going be pleased with the man that they chose to be the new sheriff,"said Selman.

Selman says more communication is one of thevital changes being made in the office.

"A lot moreinformation sharing a lot more inter-department co-operation a lot moreinformation sharing a lot more working on operation together," said Selman.

Through all the changesbeing made internally, Sanches hopes the professionalism and integrity of thedepartment is felt throughout the county.

"I won't be longbefore noticeable changes will be seen Rome wasn't built in a day," saidSelman.

Sanches says he justrecently met with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Unit and says theirdepartments will soon be working together.

Sanches is also working toget a resident deputy for the south end of the county. The deputy will be responsiblefor areas such as Huntington and Zavalla.

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