See what unique, local gifts you can get your Valentine this year

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Shops and store fronts are decked out in red and pink hearts hoping to catch shoppers' eyes but maybe this year, you're looking for an extra special something.

The East Texas News found some unique and interesting gifts you can give for your Valentine.

Roses, candy, jewelry and cards, all the go-to gifts for Valentine's Day but if you're looking for something a little outside-of-the-box to surprise your special someone, how about a wax rose?

Waxed Hands & Roses owner Gary Porn says, "We actually take fresh cut roses, seal them in wax, glaze them, make them shine."

Gary and his wife travel the country selling waxed hands and roses and they are at the Lufkin Mall through Valentine's Day.

"Well it's definitely a personalized Valentine's Day gift because it's like your hand holding a rose giving it to your valentine," said Gary.

You can have a scented wax rose in 7 different colors and it'll last your valentine about 10 years.

Gary said "This one will last for many many many years whereas a regular rose will last what a week, 2 weeks?"

Or you might hear your door bell ring and see the High Demand Quartet at your door.

Quartet singer Jeff Berquist says, "We'll be in tuxedos, all pretty and everything and we'll come up to wherever your Valentine is at home or at work and we present them with a silk rose and a card with whatever sentiment you want written on there and we sing them a love song."

The High Demand Quartet has been delivering singing Valentines for years.

Barbershop-harmony style quartet says skip the chocolates this year.

"How about planning a little bit and doing something that's unexpected. It's a memory that'll last a long time," said Berquist.

And unique boutiques like the House of Traditions in Nacogdoches has plenty of love-themed gifts to add a personal touch for your valentine.

Owner, Karen Harris says, "We strive for something different other than the candy and flower ordeal. We do something that comes from the heart that takes a little extra special time to pick out."

"We have everything from decorations for your table, for the heart topiaries," said Harris. "We have beautiful jewelry and we also have some great love inspired canvas prints."

Check out House of Traditions and see their Valentine's day collection at:

High Demand Quartet will be singing Valentine's in Lufkin, Wednesday 2/13 and in Tyler, 2/14. Prices start around $40. To get a singing Valentine's call: 936-225-0521 or 1-800-233-8219 or email them at:

You can find Waxed Hands & Roses kiosk at the Lufkin Mall from now until Valentine's Day near Bed Bath and Beyond and Victoria's Secret.