San Augustine County Courthouse gets some love

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - February is the month of love and our special someone's aren't the only one's getting some love so are some Texas courthouses.

If you're a history buff or Texas Courthouse enthusiast, get excited because the San Augustine County Court House is getting a little love during the "I Love Texas Courthouses" campaign.

Rob Hodges, social media coordinator for the Texas Historical Commission says they're trying to get Texans to show their love for their courthouses.

Hodges says, "We're doing these photo shoots. It's kind of a fun event throughout the month of February for a campaign called and we're partnering with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Preservation Texas to raise awareness abut Texas historic courthouses."

During his travels, Hodges is also asking people to sign love letters that the Texas Historical Commission will compile and put on a giant heart on preservation day, Wednesday, February 20, 2013 in Austin.

Texas historic courthouses like the San Augustine County Courthouse are on the nations 11 most endangered historic places list for the 2nd time.

Betty Ogelsbee, a San Augustine County Courthouse history guru said, "the entire building was restored. It was just down to the bare walls."

Ogelsbee said, "We have all the records from the court preceding's where they decided to build the courthouse and how it was all designed and how to do everything just so. "

The courthouse was fully restored in 2010 and Oglesbee says the community is really proud of it.

"It's really the anchor. It's really the anchor of the county. It's the people's courthouse," said Ogelsbee.

This year Texas courthouses were named national treasures by the National Trust.

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