SFA students share their secrets for all to see on confessions Facebook page

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It's a new trend sweeping college campuses across the nation, UT has one, A&M has one, U of H has one and now so does Stephen F. Austin State University.

That's right, SFA students are anonymously submitting their secrets and thoughts for everyone on the web to see.

The SFA Confessions page has only been on Facebook 5 days and already has over 3,400 likes and hundreds of anonymous confessions from students.

"I love it, says SFA junior Katie Saiz. "It's really juicy stuff they put on there. Everyone says they just go on there for hours and just read all the confessions that they put on there."

Students are revealing secret relationships, things they did or are planning to do, problems they're having at school, problems they're having with other people/roommates. Some are confessing their crushes and people they like and others are admitting to some not-so-nice behavior.

SFA senior, Katelynn Wiggins says, "I think it's pretty interesting. It's a good venue for people to voice how they feel good or bad and I heard there's an anonymous love confessions part on it too."

SFA student, Steven Bellini says, "I saw something about this kids laundry. I"I'm not going to say what he did, y'all can go read it if y'all want...but it was really funny. I mean if I'm having a bad day I go look at it."

The concept in general is really quite simple. You click on the link at the top of the confessions page, submit your confession, then a team of unnamed admins post them to the site for everyone to see and everyone to comment on.

Bellini says, "I think it's terrific. Anybody can just go on there and say what they want to say even if it's a lie. I mean it's still funny."

Students who haven't liked the page yet say it's only a matter of time before they do.

Wiggins says she's heard about the page from her husband but she herself hasn't liked it yet.

"I think I will [like it]. I didn't realize it's as big of a deal as it seems to be so now it's sparked my interest and I want to go through and read all of them now,"said Wiggins.

She also said, "Some of them can be really mean but I mean if that's how they feel, that's how they feel and that's what it's for confessions whether they're good or bad and some of them have been sweet like professing their love for people."

And as far as the curiosity as to who is behind it...Wiggins says, "I feel like as long as people are getting their feelings out there it doesn't really matter who's behind it. I don't see how they could have negative motives as far as putting the school down. I think that whoever started it probably just did it as a way for people to share how they feel."

Bellini says it's entertaining whether the confessions are based in reality or not and he plans to add to the drama.

"Oh yeah I'm going to post some things that actually happened then I might stir up the pot to see how people, see how far people will go," said Bellini.

Some students use the page as their daily pick me up.

SFA junior, Dwayne Adams says, "Because people you know some people have a bad day. It's something to laugh about I think it's something that people just get on there to make a day a little bit better or something like that."

SFA school administrators say they know about the page and they just hope that students will use good judgment.

Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Adam Peck says, "Largely for me, my interest in the SFA Confessions Facebook page is encouraging students to practice good civility make sure that when they're talking to people even when it's online those are real people and the consequences of what they say can have real world implications."

Peck also says the page is like a blank canvas

"I've seen some really  positive things on that site," said Peck. "Including students saying that they're seriously depressed and having other students say hey I went through that and I talked to a counselor and learned that it was free and helpful. That's a real post from today so you can do good things on a page like that and you can do bad things."

Peck also says the university would not be capable of shutting the page down, even if they wanted to.

"We really encourage people to use the mechanisms that are already in Facebook, if somebody posts something that's inappropriate or bullying and it violates Facebook policies then I'd encourage students to let Facebook know that. They're the ones who really handle that. When it's not a medium controlled or operated by the university we don't have authority over it. We also are part of the State of Texas so students don't check their rights to free speech when they enter a university," said Peck.

To see the confessions for yourself: http://www.facebook.com/SfaConfessions?ref=ts&fref=ts

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